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The next digital world needs new thinking in marketing. From product to consumer focus, from broadcast communication to authentic real-time dialogue, from channel thinking to connected action, from ads to apps.
BRYTE helps companies and agencies to create brands, digital products and experiences for the next digital era.
With insights, ideas and innovation consulting. Analog and digital. Remote and on-site. Alone and in a team. Fast, flexible and hands-on. Sounds good?

The future is still so much bigger than the past.

Tim Berners-Lee


„Strategy is about connecting the dots between culture, business and technology.“ Defining a goal, finding the way, and sometimes the why. Asking the right questions instead of giving quick answers.

To this end, I develop insights into people, markets and technology trends. Strategies for brands, communication measures, digital products and services. And ideas for brand experiences that inspire people, stimulate conversation and achieve business goals.

Analysis, UX Research & Insights

Brand strategy

Experience strategy

Communication strategy

Social media strategy

Digital strategy


„In an era of rising expectations, lower barriers and increased competition, CX is the only differentiator we have left.“ This means understanding and solving people's needs. Creating valuable experiences and touching them emotionally.

I help companies to develop concepts for communication measures, content, digital platforms, product and service innovations. Always with the ambition to create unique experiences that inspire people - and make business sense.

Communication concept

Social media concept

Digital products & services

Lo-fi prototyping


„Meaningful innovation is about purpose, collaboration – and getting things done.“ This requires flexible thinking and collaborative working. Developing, testing and iterating ideas quickly and leanly. With creative ambition and business sense.

I help companies to develop and optimise content, digital products and services and to market them with creative communication measures. I think holistically, develop collaboratively - and always keep an eye on timing and budget.

Workshops & Design sprints

Business model & product innovation

Digital marketing & products

Pitches & presentations


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