Be water, my friend.


BRYTE is the Strategy Studio of Alex Glasneck. I am a freelance strategy consultant from Berlin with 15+ years of experience in advertising and digital agencies. Always at the intersection of digital, brand and experience design.
I have worked in various positions, led diverse teams and carried out projects for clients from a wide range of industries like automotive, e-commerce, FMCG, retail and more.
What drives me? I love stories and technology, as well as solving creative problems - and I want to help companies succeed in the digital world.

Yes, we are now in a digital age, to whatever degree our culture, infrastructure, and economy (in that order) allow us. But the really surprising changes will be elsewhere, in our lifestyle and how we collectively manage ourselves on this planet.

Nicholas Negroponte

Anspruch & Mindset

I believe in the potential of the digital revolution to promote meaningful innovation, initiate change and improve people's lives.
This is not about tech for tech's sake. Nor about using new channels for old marketing approaches.
It is about creating new ways of working, communicating, consuming and building relationships. Ways that improves people's well-being - and help to preserve the planet.
Tech neutral. Human-First. Purpose-ful. And stubbornly optimistic.

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